UPRENT experts offer prompt and effective pumping solutions for various situations when there is a necessity to unload closed tanks, partly sealed compartments or technological reservoirs from any liquids in short time span and with minimal response time.

Pumping in non-standard situations, provided by UPRENT, include the following benefits:

  • Short response time (mobilization commenced immediately on demand)
  • Wide range of mechanisms
  • Professional and experienced system installation team
  • “Stand by” solutions with automatic start-up for emergency pumping, thus preventing accident consequences
  • Certified equipment which complies with high environment management rules and regulations

UPRENT rental equipment fleet offers mobile pumps and pumps in silenced canopies with automatic pumping systems and high solids handling, as well as various types of submersible pumps. These pumps can quickly and easily pump liquids thus preventing emergency situations. In case of emergency UPRENT can provide temporary power solutions thanks to the power generators available in UPRENT rental equipment fleet as well.

UPRENT experience in non-standard pumping situations:

  • Balancing of ship platforms in their welding process, while the watercraft was in the water
  • Submersed ferry rescue works in short time by pumping large amounts of water from its compartments
  • Pumping water from technological compartment of hydroelectric power plant, providing space to build an extra compartment to hold the water while repairing the spillways water gate of the hydroelectric power plant
  • Cleaning of a lagoon from sludge and other sediments
  • Bypass of petroleum products during emergency works of product leakage