Segment BOX trench shorings ensure safe and effective work in trenches and small construction pits.

Height:  2600 mm          
Lenght:  2700 – 3200 mm  
Clearance:  1300 mm
Resistance:  30 kN/m2  
Weight:  2468 – 2998 kg  

By using Segment BOX type trench shoring systems it is possible to lay pipelines, install pumping stations and other communications as well as do underground repair works in emergency situations. Easy and fast set up process as well as cheaper rental cost are the main advantages of trench shorings over sheet piles.

Height Work height Lenght Work Lenght
Resistance Weight
2600 mm 1300 mm 3200 mm 2700 mm 30 kN/m2 2998 kg
2600 mm 1300 mm 2700 mm 2200 mm 30 kN/m2 2468 kg