Sūkņi avārijas situācijām

Emergency pumps

UPRENT has a wide range of emergency pumps for use in most difficult conditions. Since in emergency and salvage situations every minute is very important, these pumps are made from especially light but resistant materials for easy handling and quick installation.

  • Capacity from 50 m3/h to 1400 m3/h
  • Head from 17 m to 39 m
  • Solids handling from 25 mm to 76 mm
  • Self-priming pumps for emergency and for most severe transfer duties,
  • Turbo-pumps for emergency transfer of dangerous liquids
  • Submersible pumps for drainage.
  • Mobile units on roadworthy trailer for Fire Brigades and Civil Defence

Our offered emergency pumps, with their long life, reduced dimensions and weight, reliability of operation and minimum maintenance, is a ideal partner in all emergency situations.

  • Drainage of basements and flooded areas
  • Water supply for fire trucks
  • Transfer of floodwater
  • Transfer of hazardous liquids
Varisco ETP

Varisco ETP

High versatility- suitable for pumping liquids with high quantities of solids, sea water or sewage. Quick and sure priming down to 7.5 m. High performance - best capacity and head …

Varisco J Emergency

Varisco J Emergency

Rapid self-priming down to 7.5 m Simple construction Passage of large solids High resistance to abrasive liquids. Axial mechanical seal externally lubricated Easy to install Long life …

Varisco TP

Varisco TP

Internal gear rotary pump suitable for handling hazardous liquids including corrosive, volatile and inflammable liquids and liquefied gases. The capacity is directly proportional to the pump speed, and liquids are …