Project description

The aim of the project was to replace the Veskimetsa-Kopli and Veskimetsa-Volta 110kV overhead line passing through the city of Tallinn with an underground cable.

Used equipment

  • 3pcs. trench shoring systems with liftable sheet pile walls 6x4m 4,8m deep
  • 2pcs. trench shoring systems with liftable sheet pile walls 6x2m 2,4m deep
  • 1pcs. trench shoring system with sheet pile elements that can be lifted from all sides 4×3,5m 3m deep
  • 110pcs. temporary road plates 2x3m, thickness 47mm, and pressure tolerance 160t/m2

UPRENT solution

The cable route was built using a closed method. Nevertheless, it was necessary to build trenches for drilling that would have collapsed without the trench shoring system, as the soil was mainly water-sand and clay. At the end of the route, many trenches were located on the dividing strips and lanes of the roadway. There were required small dimensions of trenches and strong walls to ensure a work area with minimum dimensions and maximum safety for the crew working in the trench and passing cars.

At the beginning of the route, a large part of the trenches were located in green areas. The requirement of the city of Tallinn to start work was, that at the end of the work the green areas would be in the same good condition as before. For this, we used the help of temporary road plates, with the help of which we were able to build quickly and easily durable temporary roads. Later removing them, there were no additional costs on soil remediation.

Project in numbers

  • 270 days in safe trenches
  • 6 semi-trailers with trench shoring systems and temporary road plates
  • 12 elements specially produced for the project
  • 3 specialists help and support