Project description

Before the construction of the Kalaranna residential quarter by the sea, the old and dilapidated port on one side had to be repaired. To do this, it was necessary to empty the seabed.

Used equipment

  • 2pcs. Pump BBA BA150E D285 – total productivity 950 m3/h
  • 30m suction hoses
  • 40m pressure hoses
  • 2pcs. bottom filters

UPRENT solution

We helped to lower the sea level in the water area of ​​Kalaranna port with our equipment so that the builder would be able to renovate the berth of the port. The pumps were put on the shore, the length of the suction hose per pump was 15 meters. We transported the pressure hoses through the dam constructed by the builder to the sea.

Project in numbers

  • The volume of pumped water 55 000m3
  • Time of emptying the water area – 2 weeks
  • Keeping the water level low approximately 2 months