Usually clients choose to use dredging services for underwater mineral extraction. In this case, along with the client’s need to enlarge the household waste dump established within the district of Riga, Latvia, it was possible to extract the underwater minerals and transport them to stacks.


1 pc. DRF-C1M
1 pc. Dragflow EL1204HC
1 pc. BBA BA80
1 pc. generator 130 kW
200 m D250 HDPE pipe
15 m D250 pressure hose


During the cleaning of the basin’s bed the most attention is drawn to cleanness and operational accuracy, while dredging is done mostly to extract the underwater minerals, so the attention is drawn to the capacity – m3/h. In this case, UPRENT team chose to install a dredge with electric engine pump thus enhancing the dredging capacity with the high-head jet-ring stream.


1 month of the provided service
40 000 m³ excavation volume
3 employees involved
300 man-hours dredging
3 geodesic measures
7 h of dredge installation and preparation for work after equipment delivery to the project site