As part of the investment project “Renovation of sanitary sewerage pipes along with chambers in the area of Gajowa and Jarzębinowa streets in Białystok” UPRENT in July 2018 realized for Terkan, a service consisting in comprehensive construction of a bypass with service for the time of renovation works.


4 pcs. – Hidrostal F10HD

1 pcs. – ABS XFP301M

2 pcs. – Betsy 300

2 pcs. – BBA BA 150

2 pcs. – Control panel with frequency converter

2 pcs. – Generator 200 kVa

2 pcs. – Generator 100 kVa

Steel pipeline DN500

Steel pipeline DN600

Steel pipeline DN150

Uprent solution:

Three large electric pumps (2 x Hidrostal F10HD and 1 x ABS XFP301M) and one petrol pump as standby (Betsy 300) were placed into the chamber with maximum inflow. In the second chamber with a smaller inflow, two large electric pumps (Hidrostal F10HD) and one diesel as backup (Betsy 300) were used. The Breednord aggregates were responsible for constant power supply.

The UPRENT company designed the 3D model of the entire system and after approval of it with the Municipal Water Supply and the Municipal Road Authority in Bialystok, the By-pass installation was started. The installation of the pipeline required putting two temporary bridges over the streets in a way that allows smooth movement. The challenge during the project was to pump the wastewater after heavy rainfall.

Project in numbers:

23 days of service provided

8 employees involved

120 tons of accessories

24h/7 supervision over the installation

230 m of the discharge pipeline

2 pipelines 18m over the streets

9 pumps

7600 m3/h maximum capacity