Project description

Balticconnector is a two-way gas pipeline, the purpose of which was to connect the Finnish and Baltic gas networks. The construction of the route started in 2018 and was completed in 2019.

The length of the mainland route in Estonia is 54 kilometers, during which the soil changed mostly between peat, water sand, and limestone. The route passed through bogs, bogs, and limestone plateaus.


Used equipment

  • Varisco ecomatic 4“
  • Varisco ecomatic 6“
  • 2x Betsy 125h
  • 3x BBA BA 150E
  • 2x Pioneer 200SL
  • Super Hawk 100-4
  • BBA BT 150
  • Impulse Yamuna
  • Super Hawk 150-6
  • AFEC TP-455
  • Generator FOGO FV13000TE 9,8kW
  • Generator FERBO FE22P1-S 16kW
  • Generaator GenSet MG23US-P
  • Linear BOX 3,0×5,0m 4,8m deep


UPRENT solution

In order to build the route, it was necessary to ensure that the roundabout was drained so that the pipe to be installed would not rise out of the trench as a result of water pressure and workers would be able to insulate the pipe safely and dry. As the excavations took place simultaneously along the entire length of the route, 14 pumps were in use at the peak, in addition, trench formwork was used in more complex locations, and generators also provided the necessary electricity supply to weld and site heaters.


Project in numbers

  • At the peak, 14 pumps were in use.
  • 1709 rental days in total for equipment.